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The core product line here at FengYe is made up of HDPE plastic pipe, PP-R pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, and a complete range of pipe fittings, including brass fittings. For low cost plumbing options with outstanding performance and durability, look no further than FengYe. We are a complete provider of plumbing materials and we work hard for your satisfaction.

    1. HDPE Pipe
    2. HDPE Pipe HDPE pipe, short for high density polyethylene pipe. It is good to use PE materials in outdoor corrosion resistant pipes due to its high intensity density ratio, corrosion resistance and compressive strength. At the same time, PE materials are nontoxic, odorless and can be used in drinking water supply pipes.
    1. HDPE Pipe Fittings
    2. HDPE Pipe Fittings Our pipe fittings can be divided into electric fusion pipe fittings and hot fusion pipe fittings based on different construction methods and purposes. According to different production methods, they can be divided into two major categories of injection pipe fittings and welding pipe fittings two categories.
    1. PP-R drinking water pipe
    2. PP-R drinking water pipe PPR(Polypropylene Random) pipes consist of cold water pipes with green stripe and hot water pipes with red stripe. We offer high performance household PPR pipes made of high quality raw materials provided by Hyosung and Borealis.
    1. PP-R Pipe Fittings
    2. PP-R Pipe Fittings We primarily provide PP-R pipes for building and household drinking water pipes, at the same time we offer various types of pipe fittings and valves matching with the water pipe installation and usage.
      Conventional colors of PP-R pipe fittings: white, green, grey
    1. Aluminum Plastic Composite Pipe
    2. The inner and outer layers made of special polyethylene material, and the middle layer aluminized, the aluminum plastic composite pipe can be 100% isolated from the gas permeation. The aluminum pipe and the polyethylene are glued together by hot-melt adhesive and synthesized by one-step co-extrusion.
    1. PE-RT Pipe
    2. The PE-RT pipe is mainly suitable for floor heating project. Owing that the high density polyethylene pipe cannot withstand high temperature, the indoor hot water supply problem cannot be solved. As a result, the United States developed a new type of high temperature resistant pipeline material, PE-RT.
    1. Brass Fittings
    2. Brass Fittings We have dozens of large forging equipment, fully able to meet the needs of different specifications forging products. We can also customize the guest's trademark mold. We have hundreds of CNC lathes, achieving automated large-scale production, improving the production efficiency and reducing procurement costs for customers.
    1. Brass Manifolds
    2. Brass Manifolds The brass manifold has multiple output ports for fluid distribution to a wide range of pipe sizes. Applicable to for air, water or hydraulic oil. Can be customized to meet a variety of installation manners.
    1. Brass Valve
    2. Brass Valve Brass valves can be used in hot and cold water systems of residential and light commercial applications, as well as natural gas, bottled gas, and compressed air systems.
      Material:Brass(Nickel Plating)
    1. Pipe Crimping Pliers
    2. Pipe Crimping Pliers Suitable for PAP & PEX & Copper pipe pressing and narrow space operation
      With the function of folding handles
      With 16 & 20 & 25/26 & 32 jaws
      Length: 55 cm/2.1 inches
    1. Pipe Cutter
    2. Pipe Cutter Jinyu provides pipe cutter which is a cutting tools for PPR pipe, PE-RT pipe and Pex-Al-Pex pipe cutting.
    1. Pipe Reamer
    2. Pipe Reamer Pipe reamer is an installation tool used for beveling and rounding pipes of size no bigger than 2632
      Reamer 16*20-25
      Reamer 20*25-32
    1. Pipe Bending Spring
    2. Pipe Bending Spring This spring is able to bend the aluminum-plastic pipe that we provide to fit the installation environment. Using this pipe bending spring is simpler to operate and can reduce damage to pipes.
      Specification: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32 mm
    1. Heat Fusion Tool
    2. Heat Fusion Tool Heat fusion tool is a professional pipe tool for welding pipes. The heat fusion tool that we provide can handle the connection of pipes of 20mm to 110mm in diameter and fittings.

Jinyu is a large plastic pipe manufacturer, mainly provides HDPE water pipe, HDPE gas pipe, PPR pipe and fittings for use in hot and cold water supply system and gas supply pipelines. Besides HDPE and PPR pipe fittings, our company also provides brass compression fittings, brass press fittings, brass manifolds and valves for installation of water supply pipe system, gas pipelines as well as floor heating system.