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Order Guide

1. We purchase raw material of pipes according to the requirement of customers.
Our company has cooperated with many professional raw material suppliers for more than 10 years.
For HDPE pipe and fittings, our raw material suppliers consist of Borealis(HE3490LS), Sabic(P6006), Lyondellbasell(CRP100) and so on.
For PPR pipe and fittings, raw material suppliers are Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited (YGH041), China National Petroleum Corporation (100S), etc.

2. We provide pipe sample and testing report for customers before official order. Customers can test and verify the products whether are consistent with our testing report.

3. Customers have to pay 20%~30% advance before normal production.

4. During the production period, we provide relevant real-time information and customers can monitor the production process and schedule of pipe and fittings on the line at home. Our workshop is equipped with HD camera and it is convenient to realize remote connection with the help of internet all over the world.

5. After the production is finished, we provide detailed product quality testing report when shipping final products. Besides, customers can also verify our products in other professional quality testing center.

6. After-sales services
If our pipes or fittings leak or crack during use, no matter is the problem of products or incorrect operation in the installation of heat melting welding, we will do our best to solve the problem cooperating with customers.

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