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HDPE pipes for gas supply
HDPE pipes for gas supply

Our company supplies professional high quality HDPE gas pipes and relevant fittings for safe and effective gas transportation. We offer a wide range of HDPE pipe with caliper diameter from 20 to 630mm, and coil pipes are also available if your willing pipe has an outer diameter less than 63mm. Of course, we can make custom pipes based on your requirement as long as you provide us with your specific parameters.

HDPE gas pipes have many advantages compared to other pipes. For example, HDPE pipes feature less frictional resistance compared to steel pipes, which has 1.3 to 1.5 times flow mass and faster speed under the same condition. Besides, HDPE gas pipes are environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. They offer superior cold-resistance and wear resistance, convenient installation, and superior electrical insulating property enhancing the safety of gas transportation.

Satisfied standards
PE gas supply pipe are strictly satisfied with the standards of GB15558.1-2003.

Raw materials suppliers
HDPE material of our gas pipes is purchased from Borealis(HE3490LS), Sabic(P6006), Lyondellbasell(CRP100).

PE gas supply pipe is black with striking yellow streak.

We commonly provide straight pipe with 6 meters and 12 meters. Additionally, the length can also be customized by customers. Pipes with diameter less than 63mm can be curled with the length of 50 meters, 100meters, 150meters or the customized length.

Series specification
Based on the thickness of pipes, we have two series of SDR11 and SDR 17.6 to choose. The detailed specification is showed in the following chart.

Technical specification
Nominal Outside Diameter(mm) Nominal Wall Thickness(mm)
SDR11(Nominal Pressure≤0.4Mpa) SDR17.6(Nominal Pressure≤0.2Mpa)
20 3.0 2.3
25 3.0 2.3
32 3.0 2.3
40 3.7 2.3
50 4.6 2.9
63 5.8 3.6
75 6.8 4.3
90 8.2 5.2
110 10.0 6.3
125 11.4 7.1
160 14.6 9.1
200 18.2 11.4
225 20.5 12.8
250 22.7 14.2
315 28.6 17.9
355 32.3 20.2
400 36.4 22.8
Technical Parameters of QIANYU HDPE Gas Pipes
S/N Performance Unit Requirement Testing parameter Testing method
1 Hydrostatic strength h Damage time≥100 20℃(hoop stress) PE80 PE100 9.0Mpa 12.4Mpa GB/T6111-2003
Damage time≥165 80℃(hoop stress)PE80 PE100 4.5Mpa 5.4Mpa
Damage time≥1000 80℃(hoop stress)PE80 PE100 4.0Mpa 5.0Mpa
2 Breaking elongation rate % ≥350
3 Full Scale (FS) test: Dn≥250mm or S4 test. It is applicable to all diameters Mpa Critical pressure of Full Scale test: PC, FS≥1.5XMOP Critical pressure of S4 test: PC, S4≥MOP/2.4-0.072 0℃ ISO13478: 1997 GB/T19280-2003
4 Resistance to slow growth Crack.en > 5mm h 165 80℃,0.8Mpa (test pressure) 80℃,0.92Mpa (test pressure) GB/T18476-2001
5 Thermostability(OIT) Min > 20 200℃ GB/T17391-1998
6 Melt flow rate(MFR) g/10min MFR before and after processing < 20% 190℃,5kg GB/T3682-2000
7 Longitudinal shrinkage rage % ≤3 110℃ GB/T6671-2001
8 Density Kg/m2 940-960 23℃ GB/T1033-1986

MOP: maximum working pressure
OIT: Oxidation in dulcement time

1. Long service life
Our industrial water supply pipe and fittings can use at least 50 years under normal condition.

2. Superior cold-resistance
Superior PE material can normally use under the environment of -60℃. When condition temperature is higher than -30℃, our pipe can normally use without any special protection, which is very convenient to installation in winter.

3. Power saving
HDPE pipe with QIANYU brand can enhance the flow speed of flow media with a higher flow mass, which saves costs of power.

4. Wear resistance
Due to the good toughness of HDPE material, our PE pipe has a good wear resistance, which largely reduces the wearing of pipe in the using process.

5. Safety
Our PE pipe is featured with superior electrical insulating property enhancing the safety of gas transportation.

6. Convenient installation
Compared with metal and concrete pipe, PE pipe has a lighter weight, which have an obvious advantage on the installation and transportation especially when the schedule is tight and construction condition is poor.

Welding procedure
1. Firstly, fix the pipe on the heat-melting machine with a fixture matched with pipe. Then planing the end face of pipe with a milling tool to ensure the jointing face neat, clean and vertical.
2. Secondly, adjust the height of pipe to complete match with the jointing pipe and then start heating by heating panel.
3. Finally, when heating panel is up to rated temperature, heat end face of pipes for a special time. Then separate the pips from heat-melting machine and joint the end face with each other to ensure a neat flange on the jointing area. After the cooling of pipe, the welding process is finished.

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