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Heat Resistant PE-RT Pipe (Underfloor Water Heating System Pipe)

The PE-RT pipe is mainly suitable for floor heating project. Owing that the high density polyethylene pipe cannot withstand high temperature, the indoor hot water supply problem cannot be solved. As a result, the United States developed a new type of high temperature resistant pipeline material, PE-RT. In addition to all the advantages of high density polyethylene, including corrosion resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, flexible construction, light in weight, easy installation, the PE-RT material can withstand high temperature as well.

Heat resistant polyethylene is a copolymer of octene-ethylene as monomer. In polymerization, the number and distribution of branches on the polyethylene molecular chains are controlled appropriately to give the PE - RT material excellent physical properties. PE - RT pipe does not need additional chemical reaction crosslinking process, and has high temperature resistance at the same time. The life span can reach 50 years under the condition of 70℃ water transporting and 0.97Mpa long service pressure.

We can provide underfloor water heating system pipes with pipe diameter of 20, 25, 32mm.
Working pressure: 0.4-1.0Mpa
Working temperature: ≤95℃
length of each roll: 100m

1. Excellent temperature resistance: the maximum operating temperature of the underfloor water heating system pipe can be up to 96℃ under proper pressure condition.
2. Light weight and good flexibility: the pipes of small size can be coiled for supply, saving the transportation space.
3. Strong resistance to chemical corrosion
4. Non-toxic, tasteless: the pipe can be used for residential water supply system.
5. The heat resistant PE - RT pipe can be used in conjunction with the hot fusion socket pipe fittings of the same material. The standard pipe fittings can also be provided, which is easy to install.
6. Heat resistant polyethylene pipe is made of a hot fusion material that can be recycled.

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