HDPE Pipe (High Density Polyethylene Pipe)

    1. HDPE water supply pipe
    2. HDPE material is a great choice for drinking water supply pipes because of its light weight, hygienic properties, non-toxic chemical structure, corrosion resistance, and excellent compressive strength. We offer a wide selection of HDPE pipes with a diameter range of 20mm to 1200mm.
    1. HDPE pipes for gas supply
    2. Our company supplies professional high quality HDPE gas pipes and relevant fittings for safe and effective gas transportation. We offer a wide range of HDPE pipe with caliper diameter from 20 to 630mm, and coil pipes are also available if your willing pipe has an outer diameter less than 63mm. Of course, we can make custom pipes based on your requirement as long as you provide us with your specific parameters.
    1. HDPE irrigation pipe
    2. HDPE irrigation pipe is highly resistant to chemicals and fertilizers which make it suitable for irrigation water transportation. The HDPE material has stable chemical properties, meaning the pipe will not affect the water quality. The material is highly corrosion and weather resistant, minimizing its maintenance requirements.