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HDPE irrigation pipe
HDPE irrigation pipe

HDPE irrigation pipe is highly resistant to chemicals and fertilizers which make it suitable for irrigation water transportation. The HDPE material has stable chemical properties, meaning the pipe will not affect the water quality. The material is highly corrosion and weather resistant, minimizing its maintenance requirements. Therefore, HDPE is an ideal choice for irrigation pipelines in consideration of product quality and costs.

Available Sizes
We can provide HDPE irrigation pipes with a caliper diameter range from 20mm to 1200mm. We produce both straight pipes and coil pipes. Our straight pipes are typically 6m or 12m long, and we make coil pipes with less than 63mm outer diameter in length of 50m, 100m or 150m. If you cannot find the pipe size you need in our stock, you are always welcomed to contact us and we can make specific HDPE irrigation pipes for you.

1. HDPE irrigation pipes provide stable performance and highly resistant to corrosion and weather.
2. HDPE irrigation pipes feature proven anti-aging and UV-protection performance.
3. HDPE pipes have smooth walls, no scaling, rust, jam development, less friction resistance which allows much faster transportation.
4. HDPE pipes have light weight and flexibility for easier transportation and installation.
5. HDPE pipes are non-toxic and contain no chemical contaminants to affect water quality and plants.

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